Wednesday, July 20, 2011

the magic of live thee-aye-tah

Well we had a pretty much perfect tech run-through of MISTRESS ILSA. Then we had the show...

The air conditioner in the Jewel Box theater died - it probably died a few hours before our show. It was 80 degrees in the theatre.

The actors dropped lines, which hurt but then they dropped an entire whipping scene.

The special follow lights we set up did not work the first time we needed them because someone in the show before us turned something off in the booth and the stage manager didn't realize it until it was too late. So instead of a whipping scene with raucous music and throbbing lights we had raucous music and... darkness.

So we should have had three whipping scenes where Mistress Trixie goes buck wild, with the strobe effect and music. Instead we had...

One whipping scene without lights.

One whipping scene completely missed.

One whipping scene with all the effects. But since we hadn't established the trope of the lights and music, it didn't make any sense.

And the big line where the Wall Street fat cat says: "not only are we too big to fail, we're too big to regulate!" was totally screwed up by the actor, who said "not only are we too big to regulate, we're too big to legislate." Which made no sense at all.

But really I can't blame the actors since they could hardly see where they were going, what with all the sweat dripping in their eyes. I'm just lucky we didn't lose anybody through heat stroke!


Chumbawumba I need you now!