Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Angels in New York

As a big fan of ANGELS IN AMERICA I have to stop and see the Bethesda fountain in the middle of the park. The fountain is an important part of the play - as you can see in this clip from the end of the HBO version.

And as I mentioned in my review of THE INTELLIGENT HOMOSEXUAL'S GUIDE TO ETC. ETC. ETC:
The final scene of ANGELS gives you a perfect understanding of Tony Kushner's weakness as a dramatist, which, up until that last scene is kept perfectly in check. Prior is given a nice monologue but then the other characters bicker bicker bicker. That's what happens in HOMOGuide the most - bickering. And Kushner loves the bickering so much he gives loud overlapping bickering a full seven obnoxious unintelligible minutes.

I should have said that the bickering is mainly in the background in ANGELS which is why the scene works. But the HOMOGUIDE scene I'm referring to is basically all the bickering in the foreground and no Prior.

But I digress. My pilgrimage was to see the Bethesda fountain. It was almost too dark by the time I got there.

But in addition to this statue, which I'd seen before, I discovered something new. In the ANGELS clip posted above the four characters leave the park by walking through the underpass and up the stairs. But you can't see it - it's daylight - and you only notice it once the lights go on in the underpass - by "it" I mean the ornate tiled ceiling of the underpass. So since it was almost dark when I got there, I could see it.

Check it out - pretty!

And speaking of theatre, MISTRESS ILSA opens tomorrow!