Sunday, July 10, 2011

back to nature

Well the Shrine of Inari was not new after all, I just missed it the other two times I visited the BBG. However, there was something new - the overlook. This is an elevated area at one end of the Rose Garden section of the BBG and it's a great idea.

Unfortunately I can't convey in a blog how great everything smelled in the BBG, but it was as excellent as the view on the overlook.

However, the best-smelling section of the garden was just outside the Japanese area - this small pine forest. Wow, you can't beat the smell of pine needles.

I didn't just see plants though, I saw animals like carp...

And ducks...

And lots and lots of people. But I avoided taking pictures of those, for the most part.

But what about naked statues? Tune in tomorrow nature fans.