Thursday, January 13, 2011

Slash site

The first iteration of the web site for THE SLASH production is up.

And no, I'm not actually working with Al Pacino... yet.

This is definitely my favorite part of the play:
(Bernadette strokes Mr. Quirk as she speaks.)


‘Daddy gave me access to his secret library - I know all about the starship and the supplies. But Daddy made me swear not to tell. And he won’t let me mate with the natives so I am a very lonely, neurotic girl. And a very erotic girl. And here you are, all tied up in your underwear.’


I’m afraid I am not in any phase of my cycle where I can be of assistance to you.


‘Don’t you worry. I know all about your cycles. Did you know that your ancestors invented a synthetic hormone that would allow them to mate outside their cycle?”


That is a malicious lie.


“Oh is it? Let us be scientific!’

(She slaps an open palm against his arm and holds it there.)

“Pure roxydimethedrine is being subcutaneously absorbed. Any moment now you will enter your mating phase, where you must mate or kill. If you do not do either you will die.”

(She embraces and kisses Mr. Quirk.)


“Can you feel it, Chloridian? I know all about Chloridian physiology. It’s all right here in this boob.”

(She pats one of her breasts.)


Bernie, I think there’s a typo in your story.


Oh my God!

(She returns to her desk, types rapidly, picks up a book, and returns to Mr. Quirk as Una.)


“It’s all right here, in this BOOK!”

(Waves book at Mr. Quirk)

***Just then they heard a commotion outside.***