Sunday, January 30, 2011

insane spam poetry

I mentioned earlier this month about the spam that pops up in the comments for this blog. I got another batch this morning - a schizophrenic in the grip of a psychotic episode might write such things:
Your cock, it turns in sight, much stronger than I thought. Escaped! Escaped and sealed the portal!

Spacious kitchens, weary traces of unbridled rage battle sorceress a pair of dusky spots burning on the walls, to Clara in the heat of thrust on the lightning, misshapen piles of dishes and utensils, swept from their seats, reared in a considerably corner of the nautical plate.

On the ceiling crackers tossing some material: Dating it does not fly, not a spider the expanse of a cat, and his loss, Clara had created, and then some lifetime sighting control things fireballs.

If I wrote for a hundred years I would never come up with these phrases, which is why they're so fascinating.

Many blog comments are not moderated - I googled the first phrase to see all the places it has been posted - just a few examples:


Awkward Zombie (I think this was posted on purpose actually)

Get your mobile recovered from thieves

Chat'N With Leon

The Hockey Fighters