Friday, January 21, 2011

good meeting/bad contact

We did the first NYCPlaywrights 2.0 meeting on Wednesday night and it was pretty good. Phoebe Summersquash said it was "a good vibe."

We did readings of my two newest 10-minute plays, ARTSY-CRAFTSY and A VERY DARK ROOM, along with a couple of other plays, not by me.

ARTSY went over much better than ROOM, although I personally think they're pretty close in quality level. Both are semi-autobiographical - I even name-checked myself in ARTSY. That play deals with mean girls, along the same lines as GOOD WOMEN OF MORNINGSIDE, which I produced last April.

As far as ROOM - I haven't really suffered from depression since I was thirteen, as the protagonist in ROOM has, but the concept of men on dating web sites being unfuckable is one I live with every day.

Speaking of which... another charming contact from a dating site denizen today...

hi nancy...could be some mismatches but im saying hello nevertheless
best wishes rc

He's 59. Here's what it says in his profile:

I'm working, financial services and a new on line venture. I'm married, have kids who are pretty much grown. It is difficult but necessary to say that I would not be here unless i was seeking the kind of communication i have missed for so long.

Oh boy - an adulterous old BLUE SHIRT!

Elsewhere in his profile he says he's tired of being "vanilla". Ooh, kink with an old man, it's a dream come true!

PLUS he's 59, but the maximum age of a woman he's looking for is 51. There is NOTHING that makes me hate a man more than when he thinks he's just too damn youthful and hot to date a woman HIS OWN AGE.

Actually, that's not true - there's nothing I hate more than someone who cheats on their spouse. Those people are scum of the earth.

He also didn't bother posting a photo on his profile, but at age 59 that can only help him. No man is good-looking at age 59. Although the vast majority of them seem to think they are, which is why so many of them try for women so much younger than their old coot selves.

I gave this guy some helpful advice:

If you want adulterous non-vanilla sex with a younger woman, it would be more efficient to just go get yourself a prostitute.

Then I blocked his delusional old ass.

He's probably just too cheap to hire a prostitute and figures he can get someone to do it for free, seeing how much he has to offer and all.