Saturday, January 15, 2011

Reading at the Dramatists Guild

Wow, I don't know if the actors were just extra "on" last night, or if it was because they were completely sober this time, or what, but this second reading of the complete JULIA & BUDDY script was much better than the one at my Christmas party. Not that I hated that reading - but it all seemed to come together and work much better at the Dramatists Guild reading.

I had all these edits to the second act in mind, but after seeing it all flow so well last night, I'm having second thoughts.

Anyway, here I am in front of a rack of DG magazines. The one in the middle, the yellow one with the phrenology head is the issue in which my article The Strange Case of Edward Einhorn vs. Mergatroyd Productions appears.

Here is my wonderful cast.

I will have some video clips later today - but it takes a long damn time to process video data.