Thursday, January 27, 2011

Ruben Bolling/Ken Fisher - super genius

Ruben Bolling, nom de cartoon for Ken Fisher is a flat-out genius. He's been doing some of the most amazing comic stuff for at least 10 years. Whatever awards they have for comics, he should win them.

Here is his latest. Click to see a larger version:

I love "Classix Comix" of course - I'm a sucker for anything that pokes fun at the work of Ayn Rand. And making fun of the Lockhorns ("Marital Mirth") is always a good time. Although the Comics Curmudeon does a pretty good job of it on a regular basis. I love the CC - that is one of two sites - the other being Engrish that is guaranteed to make me laugh every time. Sometimes helpless, falling out of my chair laughter. I can only take them in small doses.

Here's a "Lockhorns" with Curmudgeon commentary directly underneath:

For instance, had I skipped the weekend I would have missed the moment when Marvin and the Lockhorns stopped pussyfooting around and just owned up to their respective central premises. Marvin threw in a half-assed (see what I did there? I know I’ll be punished for it) pun to try to keep within the conventions of the comic strip form; that Lockhorns, true to the comic’s uncompromising commitment to authenticity, went someplace much, much darker.

original post at the CC

The Lockhorns harken back to an earlier age - married couples hating each other was pure comedy gold, apparently in the 1960s and 70s. But it gradually died out and now only the Lockhorns, to the best of my knowledge is carrying the tradition on.

Once divorce became popular - thanks to increasing female economic independence - couples no longer had to stay together and it wasn't as funny any more, I guess.