Thursday, May 04, 2017

Plastic Bertrand a soixante-trois ans

Bette Midler is 71
One aspect of getting older is being freaked out by other people getting older too. It's sort of depressing to see anybody be older than they were when you first met them long ago, since virtually nobody gets better-looking as they age, with the possible exception of Bette Midler.

Long ago my ex-boyfriend John turned me onto Plastic Bertrand, and this fact was never of any use to me until my French class the other day, when some classmates and I decided to surprise our teacher with a little party for her birthday, with typical French stuff like cheese, bread and of course wine. So Prof played some French music Youtube videos during the festivities and when she asked for some French music to play, I piped up "Ca plane pour moi" which was a quasi-punk hit in 1977.

So my memory of Plastic Bertrand was as the hip young thing, so it was a shock when I looked him up on Wikipedia and saw that he is 63 years old. Which is just so weird, although of course completely inevitable.

Here are the lyrics for the song in French and in English, although the song itself, while mostly in French has several English words and even a complete distinctive phrase "I am the king of the divan."