Tuesday, May 02, 2017

Le bonhomme de fourrure

Le vrai bonhomme de fourrure
My French class is coming to an end soon (le temp passe!) and it has been  very helpful in furthering my language studies.

Unfortunately I dont have anybody living with me with whom I can practice French. However that doesn't stop me from making up French songs about my cats and singing them out loud.

Here is my goofy song about Mr. Fuzz. A little background - the French call snowmen "bonhomme de neige" which means literally "gentleman of snow." So I've taken to calling Mr. Fuzz le bonhomme de fourrure - gentleman of fur.

All I have for my song is the refrain so far:

Le bonhomme de fourrure 
C'est le bonhomme de fourrure 
Tout les temps c'est lui.

(The man of fur, that's the man of fur, all the time, that's him.)

Also it's good practice to say - or sing- the word "fourrure" because it is a bitch for non-native French speakers with all those guttural Rs that will just rip up your throat. But it's necessary to learn unless you want to speak French like a loser.

The French have a love-hate relationship with fur. You can hear the word pronounced in this video.