Saturday, May 27, 2017

Ils parlent français ensemble - j'adore!

Entretien avec M. Justin TRUDEAU, Premier... by elysee

I will try to translate!

It is a great pleasure to meet the president of France, Emmanuel and I, we have a lot in common. It is really (can't understand because of camera sounds) to work with him. This is an extraordinary meeting(?) between France and Canada. We have so much to talk about, like international conflicts, climate change, terrorism, the security of our citizens, the community. Also we will have much work to do to show that as the youngest people (laughter drowns out what he is saying) - this is really a good time. 
Thank you. I am very happy to know the (something) yesterday... ( it is inspirational to see the  blah blah blah - it's harder to understand what Macron says than Trudeau, possibly because he is speaking Frenchy French instead of Canadian French) ...we had an amicable phone call, I'm pleased and very inspired to see the generation who are practical in matters of the world, it's a responsibility, we can discuss subjects like terrorism together. The work for climate change is an essential subject and the development of the economy, we can take - I think it's a (blah blah) I think it's a responsibility of freedom, when more and more there is fascination with totalitarian regimes with menacing values. The history of our country is maybe value and the responsibility of our generation, I am very happy if we can work together.

It's not a great translation. I got maybe 50 - 60% of what was said, and since I was aware of the context (and had heard Trudeau give many speeches on these subjects) quite a bit was guess work more than translation.

It's a work in progress.

But I personally think Macron's throwing shade on Trump with the remark about fasciation with totalitarian regimes.

And please note what an easy and friendly handshake they have.

Meanwhile Trudeau's advisor Gerald Butts is sharing beaucoup de photos avec Macron and Trudeau on his Twitter feed.