Sunday, May 28, 2017

Christine LaGarde's unusual reaction to Justin Trudeau

It's safe to say that not a lot of women would have the reaction that Christine LaGarde has on looking over her shoulder and seeing Justin Trudeau. Damn that's cold. I bet Trudeau was sure surprised too.

I immediately recognized LaGarde because she's featured fairly prominently in the movie Inside Job. The other people here are of course Angela Merkel and Emmanuel Macron.


An Illustrated Play
by N. G. McClernan

(Enter MERKEL, LAGARDE, MACRON talking amongst themselves in a circle.)
(Enter TRUDEAU.) 
Yes but you're always very detailed.
       (Macron laughs)
       (Trudeau walks over to the group and stands behind Lagarde.)
       (looking over her shoulder)
Oh. It’s you.
(Trudeau smiles. Lagarde ignores Trudeau and turns her back to him. Trudeau remains standing, wondering WTF.)
I believe we have to go over THERE. Let’s go over THERE.
       (The circle breaks up. Trudeau goes for Merkel.)
I just want to say 'good morning.'
       (Trudeau gives Merkel bises.)
Hah HAH! I still got it!