Wednesday, May 24, 2017

The career of crackpot Robin DiAngelo still being promoted uncritically by the Good Men Project

The Good Men Project loves Robin DiAngelo, who believes that all whites are equally racist. In fact all major media outlets seem to adore DiAngelo and I have yet to find a single example of an article which critically examines the theories of race she is promoting. The only examples of critical reviews of her work I've found are nobody bloggers like me, and people making comments under her articles.

The latest example of DiAngelo's nutty extremism can be found in The Good Men Project here. It's full of her usual pseudo-intellectual quackery:
Take, for example, the Jackie Robinson story. Robinson is often celebrated as “the first African American to break the color line and play in major-league baseball.” While Robinson was certainly an amazing ball player, this story line depicts Robinson as racially special; a black man who broke that color line himself. The subtext is that Robinson finally had what it took to play with whites, as if no black athlete before him was strong enough to compete at that level.
This is a standard example of a straw man - DiAngelo misrepresents whites by suggesting that the popular narrative of Robinson was " if no black athlete before him was strong enough to compete at that level."

She does not actually offer any evidence of this. She just puts it out there as if it's a self-evident reality. 

Fortunately many of the commenters under her article are refusing to be dragged into DiAngelo's moral cretinism. One of them replied:
There is NO ONE…and by that, I mean literally NO ONE who thinks Jackie Robinson was the first black person “strong enough” or good enough. In fact, many people consider Satchel Paige to be the greatest pitcher of all time and he wasn’t allowed to pitch outside the Negro Leagues until he was almost 40 and well past his prime. Everyone understands that in football, baseball and the NBA, as in other aspects of life, there were black athletes who were capable of competing but not allowed to and further, I don’t know of anyone who represents it as anything else. I wasn’t taught anything other than that when I was in school in the 70’s.

For you to misrepresent this is an indication of either serious ignorance or a very warped sense of reality and a need to assign blame that doesn’t exist.

Or because she knows that in order to keep ginning up anti-white resentment as high as she can, she has to present "whites" as a group as even worse than we actually are.

It's time to push back against DiAngelo's relentless bullshit. She is not helping to fix race in America. She is making it worse.

I finally contacted DiAngelo through her website's email form and said this:
Your career has been relentlessly promoted by media such as The Good Men project and there has been no critical analyses of your flawed theories of race permitted. And your theories are very flawed indeed which is why you must lie about and smear "white" people. 
Your presentation of the "white" view of Jackie Robinson in your recent Good Men Project article is a case in point. As one of the commenters under the article said, nobody thinks Jackie Robinson was the first black who was good enough to play in the majors. But that is how you presented it. You didn't bother to provide any evidence that this is how Robinson is viewed - but you said it anyway in order to make white people in general appear as evil as possible. 
You are a crackpot, a charlatan and a moral cretin and you are not making race in America better. And eventually you will be forced out of your cozy little criticism-free bubble, and instead of arguing against the straw men you invent for your articles, you will have to face real living people who can rationally analyze your theories and present arguments against you.
I don't expect a response from her. But I think she should be aware that she won't be able to get away with her monstrous career based on ginning up ethnicity-based hatred forever.