Tuesday, June 07, 2016

Open letter to Sady Doyle

Really? You're going to block me on Twitter because I said Mohammed Ali wasn't perfect, and deliberately adopted an arrogant persona as a statement against the bigotry of the time? And because I took exception to the standard identitarian practice of scapegoating white women - most often white women who are feminists?

BTW - I said very complimentary things about Mohammed Ali a year ago.

But of course identitarians aren't interested in getting to know anything about the people they smear.

I was smeared five years ago as a "racist" by that bully Mikki Kendall (see Michelle Goldberg's piece in The Nation on what an ass she is) because I argued with friends of hers on Facebook who claimed John Lennon and Yoko Ono were racists. In spite of the fact that anybody who reads my blog can see I'm on record as being an ANTI-racist for the past 10 years - and Jamelle Bouie even cited my blog as evidence against Razib Khan during the NYTimes controversy.


As far as I can tell, Kendall thinks I deserve to be falsely smeared as a racist because I was impolite when I was arguing with her and her friends. That was my first taste of the absolute conscience-free approach to public discourse of identitarians.

It's only a matter of time until identitarians turn on you because attacking people on the basis of their gender/ethnicity is what they do. Because identitarians are fundamentally bigots, who don't give a shit about the content of a person's character, ONLY the color of their skin.

And Jesus after all the nice things I said about you and defended you against that asshole Doug Henwood?
Don't you think the groupthink and absurd smearing that the brocialists engage in is exactly what identitarians do? How could you fail to see the similarities in the mob rule mindset?

Fun fact: my first awareness of Doug Henwood was on Facebook arguing with him calling a feminist organization "bourgeois" - his response was to attempt to smear me with the Mikki Kendall lie - proving that brocialists and identitarians are EXACTLY alike when it comes to smearing people, without the slightest ethical qualm.

You're a brilliant writer. As a judge of character, not so much.