Thursday, June 30, 2016

Christopher Hitchens has gone down in history as the man who said women aren't funny - JUST LIKE I PREDICTED!

My daughter made me watch The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt when I was at her house the other day and so now I'm binge-watching the series. It's definitely a mixed bag - sometimes it's laugh out loud funny especially for its randomness - when it isn't trying too hard to be random - but sometimes it makes me cringe. It can be gross and I hate the dumb-guy humor of Kimmy's stepfather.  I certainly didn't immediately adore the show as I did when my daughter introduced me to Orphan Black. But I'd still recommend it.

The show is at its best is when it is mocking New York's ultra-rich, especially women who marry old rich men - and to my chagrin you do see far more attractive women/gross old men couples on the Upper West Side than any other place I've lived. So it hits home - and speaking of home, I recognized my neighborhood, including Summit Rock in several scenes in the show.

I also know two actors who had bit parts in the series. Plus I once personally spoke directly to Richard Kind ("Hey there. The playwright whose play you are performing in - he's my Facebook friend.") who played Kimmy's GED teacher in one episode.

I started Googling to find out more about the show and the actor who plays Kimmy, and I was thrilled to discover that she, Ellie Kemper, is not just an actor but a talented comedian (no, I will not use the uselessly gendered term "comedienne" any more than I'll use the term actress) and not just that - in a Ted Talk she makes a direct reference to Christopher Hitchen's infamous Vanity Fair article. Here it is.

This was recorded before she was cast as Kimmy - her on-stage persona is not all that far from the character.

But the best thing about this is that she mentions writing a response to the Hitchens piece in GQ - but it's not just a response, it's a full-on, pitch perfect parody of Hitchens piece and evolutionary psychology. Kudos to you Ellie Kemper. Here it is - read it.

And of course I predicted, five years ago, that Hitchens would go down in history as the guy who said women aren't funny.