Thursday, June 23, 2016

Not 2B

After I was kicked out of the Conservatory Garden (it was closing time, I wasn't unruly) on Tuesday I headed north to see the Harlem Meer. When I was apartment hunting I was taken by the agent to the octagonal building on the far right of the photo below. I was taken here after I had tried to get an apartment on the Upper West Side and it didn't pan out. So I was depressed and this building,  compared to the charming one I saw on 92nd Street near Central Park West seemed so cold and industrial - it didn't help that I saw it at night in early February and it was freezing. Although it looks pretty nice now in the early summer dusk.

The apartment I saw was way up near the top and the big windows didn't even have screens in them - you just slid the window open and the cold night came right in. And the only thing I could think of was how easy it would be to jump right out the window.

Fortunately my current apartment was available and it turned out my apartment number is 2B - I took that as a good omen, since if I had moved into the octagonal building on Central Park North I feel like I would have been not to be.