Monday, June 20, 2016

Lady Aberlin is my neighbor

 I became Betty Aberlin's Facebook friend in January 2015. I occasionally befriend celebrities - at least celebrities to me, not necessarily known to most people. I'm also Facebook friends with Dar Williams (singer/songwriter), Katha Pollitt (essayist/poet, columnist at The Nation), Joe Conason (political writer), and Larry Wilmore - I befriended Wilmore in March 2009, when he was just an occasional guest on The Daily Show, he's much more famous now. I tried to befriend Paul Krugman but so far no luck. I don't think he's a big FB user. I do follow him on Twitter though.

Betty Aberlin is probably known to more Americans than any of my other celebrity friends because she appeared on Mr. Rogers' neighborhood in the dual role of herself, in the Neighborhood, and as "Lady Aberlin" in the "Neighborhood of Make-believe" in which she played a member of the nobility in that hereditary monarchy ruled by the insufferable, authoritarian King Friday the Thirteenth.  Here he is in action - you are expected to say "correct as usual King Friday" when he addresses you by name. This is an early episode - early 70s is my guess - and check out Fred Rogers sideburns! He's actually kinda hot here. I never thought I'd say that about Mr. Rogers.

Anyway so I posted a video of a kind man helping a turtle that got a plastic bag stuck around its neck. Lots of people like the video, including Betty Aberlin. It really is a nice video. But I never expected she would be following me on Facebook and respond to one of my posts. I befriended so many Hillary Clinton supporters in the past couple of months that almost the only friend posts I see now are about the election.

The video can be seen here on Facebook.

I looked Aberlin up on Wikipedia and was surprised to find she's been in several movies. She plays a nun in Kevin Smith's "Dogma."