Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Doug Henwood hates feminists more than the Koch brothers

UPDATE 3/10/2017: HELLO Twitter followers of Doug Henwood.

No doubt Henwood is talking shit about me, that's how he deals with non-compliant women - first he blocks them, then he talks shit about them with his equally cowardly shitty brocialist friends. I encountered this behavior from my very first run-in with Henwood, on Facebook. Before I even knew he was the king of the brocialists.

 He really got angry when I shared on Twitter his connection to the Liscio Report. Shameless hypocrites hate it when you present evidence for their shameless hypocrisy.

Henwood likes to call good people like Krugman and Steinem "elites" and attacks feminists as "bourgeois" but apparently he considers people who subscribe to the Liscio Report to be salt of the earth members of the proletariat.

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According to this blog:
Doug Henwood on Facebook 
In the last 10 minutes, courtesy of Facebook pals, I learned that the Koch Bros. are responsible for school segregation and the John Birch Society. Really, people, there are a lot of reactionaries, many of them with money, in this country. If only it were just two bad dudes.What bothers me is this single-minded obsession that’s taken over a bunch of the left. Their kind of politics has a long history in the U.S.
Well that's so sweet that self-declared Marxist Doug Henwood has decided to defend the Koch brothers against his Facebook pals.

Henwood is uncomfortable with targeting the Koch brothers:
Which is the more serious problem with that chain of reasoning? That corporations are people, or that money is a form of speech? I’m uncomfortable with the urge to treat the Koch brothers as the focus of evil in the modern world, to steal a phrase from Ronald Reagan, but they could spend tons of their personal money spreading their poison and the issue of corporate personhood wouldn’t figure at all. Rich people have a long history in this country of buying elections and politicians. They didn’t, and still don’t, need the dodge of corporate personhood to do that nasty work.

I found this very interesting - Henwood apparently doesn't have a real problem with Citizens United, but instead expresses what sounds like a parody of leftist thought, and notice how he seems to be defending the Kochs again by the ironic phrase "the Koch brothers, everyone's favorite emissaries of Satan":
The Citizens United decision means that corporations can spend money as freely as they want, without restrictions, if money is a form of speech and corporations are legally the same as individual persons. The problem with that to me is not so much that corporations have the same rights as people do, but that people have the right to spend as much money as they do and that's considered expressing their freedom of speech. That seems to be the problem. You could have the Koch brothers, everyone's favorite emissaries of Satan, free to spend their personal billions as they like to pursue their nasty agenda -- that seems to be the problem to me, not the corporate personhood.
I find it fascinating that Doug Henwood doesn't seem to have any criticisms of the Koch brothers on his blog but he hates Hillary Clinton with the fire of a thousand suns, and also is much more critical of Barbara Boxer and Gloria Steinem than the Koch brothers.

Here's Henwood apparently deliberately conflating climate change denial with promoting an energy source that not even Greenpeace is sure is worse than coal for promoting climate change. But it apparently offered Henwood a chance to defend the Kochs (and Republicans) while attacking Clinton.

And of course Henwood's wife Liza Featherstone seems to have a very comfortable relationship with the Koch brothers-funded Reason magazine.