Thursday, September 18, 2014

Who is John Galt? A homicidal maniac

In the comments section of this post entitled Atlas Shrugged Humor somebody posted a link to the recently released Atlas Shrugged Part III.

I don't know if this person bothered to actually read what I wrote about Atlas Shrugged, or maybe they don't even care - they're hoping that anybody will watch the movie, even for free, even if they despise Ayn Rand.

It looks like the third installation of Atlas Shrugged has bombed even bigger than the first two:
That must be the fault of those damn freedom-hating socialists, or perhaps it’s due to the fact that so few of the Tea Party types the series’ producers once hoped would queue up are, er, the literate sort. Or maybe it’s just that the prior installments weren’t very good movies, and it should surprise few that this last one is the worst of the lot. You can’t really blame the filmmakers: Stuck with a budget that again halves its immediate predecessor’s (now down to $5 million), they’re hapless to convey the grand scale of events Rand intended.
More of my opinions about Atlas Shrugged.

It's good timing for me, since I am working on my play DARK MARKET, getting it ready for a reading this Sunday. The influence of Ayn Rand and Atlas Shrugged over Alan Greenspan is a huge issue in my play.