Saturday, September 27, 2014

Montgomery from Memphis

Well that was a surprise. Dan Montgomery was my first real boyfriend, briefly, in high school. On our first date we went to see All the President's Men when it was in the movie theaters - that's how long ago this was. Dan has been obsessed with music since then and now makes his living as a musician.

But still I was surprised to see that there is a glowing review of his latest album in CounterPunch magazine. CounterPunch is a leftwing political magazine and I didn't even know they ran music reviews. The reviewer loved it so much he compared Dan to Bruce Springsteen:
Born in Philadelphia, Montgomery spent a good deal of his life in South Jersey occasionally moving to other parts of the country before settling in Memphis. Like a far more well known singer-songwriter from New Jersey, Montgomery has created a world of characters and stories that create a portrait of working class life.
Now that's the kind of review any singer-songwriter could love. You can hear some of his music at his web site. Although he grew up in New Jersey he lives in Memphis now and you can hear his singing voice has a Southern twang now, which cracks me up.

Dan's playing in NYC in a couple of weeks and invited me to his show. This should be very interesting.

Here's his band playing.