Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Adventures with ASMR

There are a whole bunch of ASMR videos meant to trigger the ASMR sensation. And they are all weird - most are a person speaking in a very soft voice, almost a whisper and doing a "role-play" in which they are pretending to brush your hair, or apply make-up.

This one is called "The Sound Spa" and it is classified as Role Play and it consists entirely of this woman, Violet, using various tools - well here is what it says in the intro on Youtube:

Welcome to The Sound Spa! Take a moment to relax while I delight your senses with my magical powers of crinkling, brushing, and tapping. I apologize for the short length of this video--I meant for it to be an hour or so, but with the days becoming shorter I find that I lose my light too quickly. I hope you enjoy regardless. :)

So I decided to try to induce ASMR by listening to this. Although I did find it relaxing and felt a certain points like I might get the ASMR sensation, I did not. Also I couldn't help but laugh at several points at the fact that I was lying on my sofa with headphones on, listening to a young woman crinkle paper.

I posted some info about ASMR on my Facebook page and it turns out I know two other people who also get ASMR - one guy whom I just met a couple of weeks ago, and my friend Matt, whom I've know since high school. ASMR must be much more common than I initially realized.