Friday, September 05, 2014

Have I mentioned my love for David Robb lately?

Apparently I have not - it's been over a year and a half.

Since I mentioned him last his wife Briony McRoberts committed suicide:
On July 17 last year, McRoberts left home with just her wedding ring and an Oyster card. At Fulham Broadway station she jumped in front of a train. The former child star — who went on to play super-bitch Sam Hagen in the Scottish soap Take the High Road — was 56 when she killed herself. There was a Greek holiday in the diary, and plans for her husband’s birthday. She was also three weeks away from beginning treatment for her eating disorder.
“She had a future — she hadn’t written ‘Today’s the day’,” Robb, 66, tells me. “She was murdered by anorexia. It isn’t a self-centred, teenage disease. It kills people — middle-aged women. A lot of the engine that drives the anorexic mindset is to do with not wanting to relinquish childhood, a hatred of getting older, so it can come raging back in middle age. It is a silent killer, not a quirk of diet but a mental illness — and if it gets its hooks in, it suffocates the person.”
It is hard to imagine being happily married to David Robb and yet killing yourself. Wow. Of course what do I really know about Robb? He could be a jerk and I could be completely deluded by the halo effect - god knows I am a slave to masculine beauty and he is a fine, fine looking 66. 

And look at him rocking that kilt. Ewan McGregor himself couldn't do it any finer.

If his Dr. Clarkson character doesn't end up hooking up with Isobel in Downton Abbey this year I will be extremely annoyed. Here's a little teaser...