Thursday, October 18, 2012

Manly Workshop Theater Company update

As I noted in August, the Workshop Theater Company, in spite of one of its leaders in 2011 claiming that it produces work by women, is only doing full-length plays by men in 2012 - 2013.
When I wrote in August, they hadn't published their Cold Snaps line-up - I thought maybe they would make up for the lack of female authors elsewhere by including a majority in an evening of short plays.

Nope. They have two women out of seven represented. Not even half the writers of Cold Snaps are women. So to lay down the stats:

Total named playwrights currently listed in the schedule: 18
Total male playwrights: 16
Total female playwrights: 2
That's a female playwright representation of 11%. Just about ten male playwrights for every one female playwright.

This is why female playwrights need to produce their work themselves. We will never be fully accepted into the boys club - not in this generation.