Sunday, October 28, 2012

Gagnam Style

Here are some of the people at the Halloween party last night going all Gagnam style. Some of them are professional dancers so they were really good at it too. I took video also but it didn't come out very well - this is all I have.

I saw some interesting costumes at the party and during the trip to and from Brooklyn, including three matching Zorros; Where's Waldo accompanied by four women wearing long white button-down shirts and no pants - I don't know what the women were supposed to be; someone in a full Native American feather headdress; a guy who I assume was supposed to be a 1970s pimp, wearing a purple hat and matching pants and a gold chain with an enormous gold dollar sign; a priest; and Honey Boo Boo. I wore a no-fuss costume - a pair of devil horns and a Mitt Romney button - obviously I went as a Republican.

And now I must go shopping and stock up on cat food in preparation for Hurricane Sandy. Luckily I'm not in an evacuation zone.