Saturday, December 11, 2010

the search-string harassment continues

Well Andrew Bellware sent me another nasty text-string message today, this time via IP address which appears to be from, or near, Belleville NJ.

I've decided that from now on every time Bellware harasses me I will have to share yet another review of one of his films.

When I run out of reviews I'll start sharing my harassment stories with HollaBack and other Facebook friends.

And after that - who knows? I'll figure something out.

I do expect it will come to that - he seems to be incapable of restraining himself, and I've been putting up with it since March. Enough is enough. I have all the web statistics I need to get a positive ID on him. But if more evidence is necessary, any up-to-date lawyer will know how to subpoena any server records needed. And at least one of his friends also did this text-string harassment, although he appears to have gotten his fill of it after a month. But he certainly can testify to what Bellware has been up to.

Here's a review of Clonehunter that even I thought was pretty harsh, but then I haven't seen this movie - maybe I would hate it this much too:
My first film review in years...... OMG!
28 October 2010 | by Beegeeay (United Kingdom) – See all my reviews

I had fond memories of the series of cheap, low-brow 80's-90's movies starring Tim Thomerson as future cop turned bounty hunter Jack Deth. The first film, Trancers from 1985, was genre defining to me as a young film fan, with Blade Runner at the top and Trancers at the bottom of the grime & crime sci-fi genre; reminiscent of the old black & white movie detective or private eye film noirs of the nineteen forties and fifties. Clonehunter's bounty hunter David Cain is no Jack Deth - no tricks, no one-liners, and not tough as old boots. Gumshoe Philip Marlowe would have wrapped this plot up in the first reel.

Upfront I should say that I still don't know WHY I watched this film to the end, unless to confirm my suspicions that Clonehunter was as bad as I believed. Yes, it was. I've seen better directed, scripted and acted B&W B-movies from the 1950's with better more realistic special effects than Clonehunter. The direction was passable, the editing made viewing feel very episodic in nature like a string of webisodes cut together, and the cinematography was a huge disappointment from start to finish.

In fact many of the serial webisodes that have been proliferating on the web in recent years, shot on shoestring budgets have managed to display almost Hollywood quality production values. Values that are sadly lacking in almost every respect, with regards to this film. It could have been filmed in a underground car park or a warehouse set using an old VHS consumer camcorder, edited in a teens bedroom at night under the bedclothes and still produced a better on-screen result. Straight to DVD bargain bin stamped all over it.

The problem with watching short sample files is sometimes the same as watching trailers, they lull you in believing the whole film will be as watchable. Trust me, avoid this film and watch something else. I gave it a 3 score as it was cheesy but not complete trash. I am going to find all the old Trancers movies and remember the good old days of my youth.

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The next review at that site is from someone in the Netherlands, and is even harsher - I will save that one for the next time Bellware is so desperate for my attention that he sends another text string insult.