Saturday, December 11, 2010

Andrew Bellware libels me again

Well it looks like Andrew Bellware actually libeled me again:
Ooh look, I'm being blogged about again. The best part is that originally she blamed one of our actors for stalking her, and now she thinks it's me. The irony is that those who claim to be stalking are frequently those who stalk

He includes a link to my site. I've never claimed anybody was stalking me. This is a lie. And he seems to be implying I've stalked somebody - this is also a lie.

I will expect a retraction and to have these libels removed.

And Bellware, you are being blogged about again because you keep sending me nasty messages via search string text and you will not stop doing it - and you've been doing it since March of this year. And I have plenty of proof that it's you doing it. It's certainly not hard to figure out - you use the same exact IP addresses to send me nasty text-string messages that you use to add posts to your blog. So unless there is somebody else who has permission to post to your blog - this is irrefutable proof that it is you.

You will stop harassing me and you will stop libeling me - or you will be compelled.

Update: I contacted him to tell him to remove the libelous statements - his response was "stop contacting me."

Well I guess that's what lawyers are all about.

I also contacted his pal David Ian Lee, to let him know that if it comes down to it, I will have him testify about the text-string messages. He used to send me text strings too - although from what I can tell he ceased after a month, and his messages, for the most part, were benign "I do like tacos". Also he actually had me on his personal mailing list for awhile, so I could see that the IP address of his emails was a perfect match for the IP address of the web visitor.

David Ian Lee was the original instigator of the text-search strings. He was googling my site for all kinds of weird personal information about me, and I blogged about it, and Andrew Bellware blogged about that and then I started getting all the weird - and in some cases creepy and threatening text-string messages.