Tuesday, December 28, 2010

shout out from Liam

My brief essay The Trouble with Jesus got a shout-out from LiamSchieff.com. Yay.

This piece was actually the catalyst for some former members of NYCPlaywrights to break off and form their own group a year and a half ago. The catalyst but not the cause - they had been planning it for weeks at least. And they decided to help themselves to the NYCPlaywrights mailing list in order to get members for their group. Because people who are full of themselves and lacking any sense of ethics will do that.

Anyway, I originally posted the essay on Facebook, and one of the former NYCPlaywrights members got really mad at me for having a strong opinion about Jesus and for saying Jesus is not a god - and so he posted a nasty attack on me in a public area of Facebook and said I was like Bill O'Reilly - which is an idiotic thing to say because however strong my opinions are, I have never done the equivalent of shutting off somebody's microphone, which is a Bill O'Reilly tactic.

The thing is, this guy couldn't come out and actually admit that he was so mad because I had insulted The Lord, because he fancies himself all cutting edge and politically incorrect. But based on his actions it was crystal clear that I hurt his feelings because I refuted the concept of Magic Jesus.

"The Trouble with Jesus" also makes me glad all over again that I am no longer forced to listen to old man plays every Tuesday. When they are not writing plays about the splendiferousness of owning a penis, or the wonders of numismatics, old men like to "dramatize" sections of the Bible. Although there was an old woman who did a Bible piece too, something about Mary Magdelene which was completely incoherent.

I think I will send all these old people to the other group, the one founded using the NYCPlaywrights mailing list, seeing as how they like to recruit members of NYCPlaywrights and all.