Friday, December 10, 2010

Logo a-gogo

So I'm trying to decide whether I need a new logo for the full-length JULIA & BUDDY, since I should start thinking about publicity etc.

I do rather like the one I did for the one act version:

But I keep feeling like I could do a little better, or at the very least different since it's a different play now.

The best play logo ever is for the original off-Broadway production of WIT:

But the subject matter helped alot - the poetry of John Donne, with a special emphasis on punctuation, is an important part of the play. But J&B doesn't have any obvious visual symbol or metaphor - it's very much a relationship/character play. The F word turns out to play an important role, but I'm not sure how I'd incorporate that into a logo. Logos are fragile things, you can't overload them. I've considered and (almost immediately) rejected a variety of objects for this logo so far: a bust of Schopenhaeur, a cat, a boat, a door, a drawing from the Kama Sutra and a heart (cliche city!)

I have a little time so there's no huge rush. Maybe something will just come to me. Maybe it's all down to the font - I find My Fonts to be a very well designed site and they sometimes give away fonts.

A front-runner idea is to select a font that's a bit more artsy or eccentric, since both characters are - really they have more in common than not, so although it would be fun to have very contrasting fonts for the two names, it's not really an accurate representation.

Maybe something like this...