Saturday, December 11, 2010

once again Andrew Bellware gets it wrong.

In his latest post Bellware admits he refuses to honor my request to cease the libel. But it's this part I found really strange:

Her follow-up so far has been:

* My lawyer will contact you.

Which I believe, in and of itself, constitutes a threat.

Since when does having a lawyer contact anybody constitute "a threat"? On what planet? Having a lawyer contact someone in the cause of legal redress is the way things are done in the USA.

But the second part has the most amusing falsehood:

Will someone please remind me how she became something any of us care about? I'm sure if you look around on her blog you'll find more funny stuff. I only learn about the whack stuff she writes second-hand from actors who won't work with her anymore but still read her blog for amusement.

The part about reading my blog is true - that's easy enough to verify with web statistics. But the most regular actor-reader of my blog is David Ian Lee - and I never worked with him. I met him, briefly, once. He decided to take a personal interest in me - I have no idea why.

And as far as the other two - I won't work with either of them. Which is worse for them, since I paid them (a foreign concept to Bellware) and very well for an off-off Broadway show. I won't work with the one because he behaved extremely unprofessionally during my show - I have the email from the stage manager listing the abuse he gave to the stage crew. That wasn't all of his unprofessionalism, but that's enough. The other actor, I have to say, behaved with consummate professionalism throughout the show, so for the longest time after the show I did think he was my friend - but I eventually realized otherwise. But perhaps Mr. Bellware does not realize how incredibly two-faced many actors are. I heard the two of them - and another actor in my show - talking nasty shit about an uptown female director they all worked with - who they would all work with again.

I certainly don't need such back-stabbing, two-faced creeps working for me!

But to answer his plaintive question:
Will someone please remind me how she became something any of us care about?

No Bellware, only you "care" enough to send me nasty text-search messages for eight months.

By all means, feel free to stop "caring" about me in that way - you've been doing so since March and I've had as much as I can stand.