Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Whooah there fella!

Fun with Internet dating.

First... "Steve" emails me:

we could get laid and see if we get along. I really like your face. and well I always run around for freelance photogr assignments would be nice to relax...

Me, thinking I'm dripping with obvious sarcasm:
that's a hell of a smooth line you have there

Not obvious enough however...
well i am free tonight and i could drive to you. I biked all day - had a long day photo assignments. I think it comes down to chemistry as a building block of something or a way to just cross paths and exchange stories. where are you?

I need a shower but I am intrigued.

However, within a minute of that email I get another much better email from, let's call him Alex:
Before I even read your profile I knew you were a writer. Maybe it's the quirky intelligent look, or maybe just the glasses, I could tell.

Someone should post your picture on Wikipedia under the keyword "writer."

Tell me, writer, are you as attracted to younger men as I am to older women?

I guess I'm going to end up bagging some 20-something guy one of these days, just to be done with it, if nothing else. Eat your heart out, all you middle-aged men desperate for a much younger woman.

Apparently I really do look like a writer - a woman at work whom I hadn't met came up to me one day and said: "I bet you are a writer - you just look like a writer. I could see you winning the Pulitzer prize."

From your mouth to the Pulitzer judges' ears honey.

Although another woman at work came up to me and said I was the spitting image of her friend Jennifer.