Wednesday, September 08, 2010

When blogging and Facebook isn't enough...

Well I've blogged about the "ground zero mosque" controversy and I've argued with teabagger friends of friends on Facebook, but now it's time to do more - I'm going to be part of the New York Civil Liberties candlelight vigil this Friday.
The NYCLU and our partners in the New York Neighbors for American Values coalition are hosting a candlight vigil in Lower Manhattan on Sept. 10 to support religious freedom and the rights of Muslim Americans to build a community center at 51 Park Place.

It's conveniently on my homeward commute so I'll just pop in right after work. I'm also taking a video camera in case there's some teabagging hostility aimed our way.

The only problem is the dress code - the NYCL site says "Please wear white and invite your friends and neighbors." I've certainly invited friends and neighbors (well, Facebook friends) but I literally do not own a single piece of white clothing except socks and underwear. Who knew vigils had dress codes?