Tuesday, January 26, 2010

you can completely exploit actors - but SOMETIMES you have to pay writers

The Exploitation King on paying the talent:
Now remembering that I'm a producer and that my standard response to people wanting more money is that "You'll work for two dollars a day and a kick in the pants"
He's only talking about writers here - for him to discuss paying actors MORE money he'd have to be paying them any money in the first place.

And based on what I've seen of his movies, the awful irony is that the actors he's worked with are much better than the writers.

I found this extremely amusing as well:
I just spent the whole day making a 12-minute reel of nudity in Pandora Machine films. The Queen of Mars wanted it so she would have something to show to actors who are auditioning for roles which have nudity.

It's pretty tame stuff really. Contractually we're obligated to be able to get an R-rating or lower. But I'm happy with the love scenes in Angry Planet.

The funny thing I discovered is that because we tend to have creepy love scenes we tend to reach for the same piece of music I wrote for the love scene in the movie Pandora Machine. It's a tad comical when you string all the love scenes together and we're using the same lovecreepy music in them.
Why am I not surprised that their "love" scenes are uniformly creepy? But apparently they are "pretty tame." Well, I realize things have changed alot thanks to the Internet - but is it actually possible to get actors to do PORN for NO PAY now? If it wasn't for the damn R restriction my guess is he'd have already investigated that potential avenue of exploitation, very thoroughly.

I've already expressed my thoughts on love and "Angry Planet" (scroll to Feb 18)

When he isn't doing his best to alienate actors and writers, he likes to alienate people at Manhattan Theater Source. Now that's just silly.