Monday, January 18, 2010

Sunshine Dores, everywhere

Sunshine Dore was the third of Harold's three dating-service dates arranged for him by his mother, in the movie "Harold and Maude". Sunshine, an actress in the Sunshine Playhouse, was much more unconventional than his other two dates, although her clothing was pure mod 1960s. At the time I first saw the movie, her ensemble was out of style - the big puffy visor-brimmed hat and the knee-high boots.

She's played, wonderfully, by Ellen Geer, the daughter of Will Geer (Granpa Walton.)*

But her look seems to have come back. Seems like I can't walk down the street in the city without seeing a woman who reminds me of Sunshine Dore because of the hat and the boots. Although the funky collar Sunshine wore hasn't come back. But no doubt someday it will - that's fashion for you. Well, women's fashion. Men's fashion is determined to make men look as drab and un-glamorous, un-sexy as possible. Otherwise we'd see lots more Regency-period ensembles around.

I will admit though, that I aspire, as a director for an actor to say about me what Sunshine says about Louis Sunshine: "(she) was such an influence on the development of my instrument."

Watch Sunshine in action - including the awesome "what's hari-kari" scene:

Harold and Maude - Sunshine Dore

Mystery Hole | MySpace Video

*wow - while googling around for Ellen Geer, I checked out her father's wiki - Granpa Walton was a very interesting guy! While he was being blacklisted for being a Communist - an actual card-carrying Communist - during the 1950s he built the Theatricum Botanicum - I'd never heard of it before, but boy, would I love to go there, it sounds absolutely awesome. Next time I'm anywhere near California, I'm gonna check it out.