Sunday, January 31, 2010

Janis Joplin WTF?

What IS it with Janis Joplin? She's been dead for almost 40 years, longer than she was alive - she died in 1970 at age 27. I posted a few things about Joplin on this blog and now I get SO many hits for her. According to my blog statistics, 3% of all visits to my blog come from the search words "janis joplin" and 2% for "janis joplin photo" - that's more than search on my name OR "heavens to mergatroyd". I might as well just devote my blog to Janis Joplin.

I AM tempted to write a play about her. Her sister has already collaborated on the well-received "Love, Janis" so the time probably isn't right, but when the time is right, and if it's written well, it would be very popular. Hmmmm....