Sunday, June 08, 2008

The Reckoning of Kit & Little Boots

Renaissance-dude-about-town Nat Cassidy wrote and performs in his THE RECKONING OF KIT & LITTLE BOOTS at both the Gallery Players in Brooklyn and at Manhattan Theatre Source right now.

Like anything he does, Nat did not fuck around when it comes to Christopher Marlowe - and I'm sure if you dared to attempt to get into a Marlowe trivia contest with him, he would hand you your ass. Dude does his homework as I sadly discovered after he wrested the title of Queen of Beatles trivia from me soon after I met him.

He also is the only person I know who pays attention enough to know the place that Jane Eyre spends quality time with her cousins after discovering Rochester's naughtiness is called Morton. Hell if I ever remember that!

I read an early draft of KIT so I can't really say much about the play at this point, but I will have plenty to say (hi Nat!) after I see it June 19th.

So go see his show. In the meantime, check out this awesome photo of Nat:

I cannot lie, I love a man in period costume. Especially Regency or Elizabethan. There's not enough resources for costume fetishists out there! As Margaret Cho said, although about a different preference - "where's my parade?"

Oh wait - almost every parade!