Saturday, June 14, 2008

And another thing!

I just posted a page on the JANE EYRE web site for reviews and audience raves. And I was reminded of yet another point of fact that the reviewers got wrong in comparing my play to the original novel.

A reviewer says: "Unlike the novel, the production spends a great deal of time on Jane's experience with St. John Rivers, her cousin and potential mate. As Rivers, Nat Cassidy is much harsher and religious law-abiding than his character is in the novel..."

I question whether, like Amy Freeman, this critic has retained any of the original novel in her memory, or if she believes that other adaptations, like the Teale version, are a good guide to the original novel. I spend 4 scenes with St. John Rivers. There are a total of 27 scenes in my play. The original novel spends 7 chapters at Morton, out of 38 chapters. That is not a great deal more time. That's only a little bit more time proportionate to the entire work.

More on this soon...