Thursday, June 12, 2008

interesting costume site

I blogged previously about my men-in-period-costume paraphilia, and recently found this Gentlemen's Emporium. It's unique in that the web site owners seem to feel that each costume needed some kind of narrative to go with it.

For example:

Randolph Pickwick, Financier

As the heir to his father's vast financial empire, Mr. Pickwick is a much sought after bachelor. While his days are spent toiling over accounting journals and investment contracts, his evenings and weekends are consistently filled with balls, cotillions and luncheons.

He can usually be found at the local socials surrounded by his friends and a bevy of marriage-minded mademoiselles.

They ALL have little stories like that. I think someone at the Emporium's a frustrated playwright.

These costumes are Victorian and Edwardian, which are not quite as hot as Regency or Elizabethan costumes, but they're still pretty hot.

But this site does remind me that men's Old West clothing is pretty sexy - there's a Western Emporium too. There's something about those gunbelts. I wish gunbelts would come back in vogue - a gunbelt slung at a rakish angle across the hips, over a tight pair of jeans is a wondrous vision to behold. Although I wouldn't want to bring back guys walking around carrying guns. Just the belts please.

Here's "Zeke Jacobsen"
As a mere youth, Zeke Jacobsen served in the noted company of Texas Rangers led by Captain McCullough. Zeke distinguished himself in scouting and raiding parties and fought bravely at Matamoros.

Though adept at tracking outlaws, his disdain for desk work is legendary. While, this limited his rise through the ranks, he is perfectly content saying that a Ranger encampment is his only true home.

I should point out that not all period costume is hot. The Bavarian look just doesn't do it for me.