Sunday, June 15, 2008

and another thing part 2

so as I was saying... as usual, off-off Broadway theatre critics get it wrong. In a review of my JANE EYRE the critic said: "The 23 characters from the novel are reduced to 16"

OK, where did she come up with 23 characters in the novel? I mean, I understand that off-off Broadway reviewers are probably not getting paid, and have day jobs and don't have time to do their homework. But why make stuff up??? I mean, what are the odds that a 400-page nineteenth century novel is only going to have 23 characters? I did a quick review of the book, and not counting the eighty orphans at Lowood school and various teachers, servants and other characters that don't get speaking roles, there were 23 characters by chapter 17. That's before Blanche Ingram and her various friends and relatives show up for an extended house party chez Rochester.

But back to her comment about St. John: "As Rivers, Nat Cassidy is much harsher and religious law-abiding that his character is in the novel"

I will address that soon.