Friday, August 05, 2016

RIP Norma Jeane

Marilyn Monroe died today 54 years ago.

Meanwhile, I have redesigned the logo for my upcoming production.

I have to give credit to Arthur Miller's play AFTER THE FALL for inspiring this version of my Norma Jeane play. I was flailing around for a year working on drafts until I read his play, with its undisguised representation of Monroe in the character of Maggie and came to this part (Quentin is the stand-in for Miller.)

Why you wear those pants?
(He turns back to her, knowing what is coming.)
I told you the seat is too tight.

Well they made them too tight, but I can walk in them.

Fags wear pants like that. I told you.
(She drinks again. It is so pathological he looks with amazed eyes.)
They attract each other with their asses.

You calling me a fag now?

(She is very drunk.)
Just I've known fags and some of them didn't even know themselves that they were. And I didn't know if you knew about that.

That's a hell of a way to reassure yourself Maggie.

(Staggering slightly)
I'm allowed to say what I see...

This inspired me to make the play partly about a battle between Norma Jeane and the hospital psychiatrist who is a closeted homosexual. I thought it was fascinating that Miller portrayed Monroe commenting that she's known gay men who did not know they were gay.