Sunday, August 21, 2016

Die, Tumblr, Die

Although it was very unpleasant to read Aaron M. Renn scapegoating Paul Krugman as a government-bailed out corporation there was something in his piece on City Journal (a media outlet of the Koch brothers-funded Manhattan Institute) that was very cheering indeed:
Most Americans know about corporate executives like Marissa Mayer. She completely failed to turn around the struggling Internet pioneer Yahoo, though that’s what she was hired to do. Her “accomplishments” include buying the now-worthless blogging platform Tumblr for $1.1 billion. Despite her failure, if she’s not retained in the wake of the reported sale of Yahoo’s businesses to Verizon, Mayer is set to collect a pre-negotiated $55 million golden parachute. Most Americans know that they wouldn’t be treated so kindly if they lost their jobs.
Oh man do I want Tumblr to die. It's thanks to Tumblr accounts that a bunch of identitarian extremists have been able to smear me via Google results on my name - Tumblr allows people to drive up the Google search rankings of their Tumblr postings if they have enough followers, and identitarians tend to have a whole bunch of college-student aged followers with nothing better to do than encourage nut-bars like Mikki Kendall and K. Tempest Bradford to smear random strangers on the Internet.

When I contracted Tumblr to complain about the smear-job their response was basically "tough shit." So I am so happy if they are teetering on the edge of extinction.

I guess vicious Tumblr bullies like Mikki Kendall
will have to save their meanness for Twitter now.
Once Tumblr fails, conscience-deficient mobbers and smear-mongers like Kendall and Bradford will no longer have the power to casually smear people so easily. Hallelujah!