Monday, August 15, 2016

I love the new Ghostbusters

I've long been a fan of Kate McKinnon because of her work on Saturday Night Live, especially her Hillary Clinton impersonation. Here is the most recent one I am aware of.

And so I was intrigued when I happened to read some discussion of Ghostbusters that mentioned how awesome she is in that movie.

So I checked out some excerpts from the movie on Youtube.

I decided I had to see this movie ASAP.

So I had some free time recently and went to the movie theater to see it - and I rarely go to movie theaters, preferring to wait for them to be posted online instead. And I LOVE THIS MOVIE.

It's not quite perfect and the second half is not as good as the first - I was laughing my ass off during the first half. And in spite of the many good things about this movie, McKinnon is the best part, as many critics have already noted.

But you can see why hard-core misogynists hate this movie - it presents a reality - independent women who have distinctive personalities, doing STEM activities - that they would like to crush. If this movie had somehow fallen through a time warp and was seen by feminists in the 1970s they would have been ecstatic. This is everything they dreamed of. Not that the movie is blatantly feminist, although they get in a few good snarks at the assholes who had a meltdown because the new Ghostbusters movie starred women.

However, the villain of the movie is a nerd who wants to blow up the world because his brilliance hasn't been acknowledged and he's been bullied. Which describes homocidal monsters like Elliot Rodger and the Men's Rights Activists who relate to him.