Monday, August 29, 2016

NJ Banner

I think the tag line works better like this. I still have plenty of time before the show but I'd like to get the web site out of the way first.

I debated whether to use an image of Monroe in my graphics for the play - I think this is a good compromise - it's a still from a grainy movie made of her by a reporter when she was coming out of a hospital in 1953 after an operation, not in the Payne Whitney in 1961, but it works. 

I also like the tag line because it lets you know that this isn't a standard wallow-in-squalor play about a helpless suffering woman - the tag line makes it clear she is a threat to her psychiatrist - she is active, not passive and trying to achieve a goal - to break free. That's very important when dealing with Monroe, who is so often portrayed as a helpless hapless creature - the perfect subject of the wallow-in-squalor play - one of my least favorite plays.

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