Saturday, August 13, 2016

Crabbie's Ginger Beer

This is the stuff!

My daughter first introduced me to a Crabbie's Ginger Beer back in September 2014 - yes I remember the exact month because it made such a big impression on me. But since they didn't carry Crabbie's in my local supermarket in Astoria, I kind of forgot about it. But I rediscovered it since I've been on the UWS and since this heatwave has hit I have been craving it. I guess when it's this hot the sweetness of cider just doesn't work. But Crabbies is sort of like a very dry ginger-ale with citrus. Crabbies won't give away the actual recipe. It looks like it's made with thistle, based on the bottle, but I guess that's just a signifier that it comes from Scotland originally.

What we do know is...
...production of Crabbie's ginger beer takes place in Liverpool, England. Crabbie's alcoholic ginger beer is 4.8% alcohol by volume and is based on fermented ginger which is steeped for up to eight weeks.
But although Crabbie's is available on the UWS, it's only available in three supermarkets here, most commonly in four-packs. But apparently I'm not the only one with a warm-weather jones for Crabbie's because there was none to be had today in two of the supermarkets and only in individual 16-oz. bottles like the one here, in the third. And I think this was only there because a display was blocking the view of these bottles, and you had to know to look for them. So I scored two. The luck of the Scotch-Irish.