Wednesday, August 24, 2016

My neighbor Paul McCartney

Paul McCartney can see my house from here! Well, the at least the roof
of the building where I rent a one-bedroom apartment.
I already knew Paul McCartney lived on the Upper East Side of Manhattan. Well turns out he lives directly across the park from me (well, one of his residences) - it's a sixteen minute walk through Central Park. And I've walked past his place several times.

And here's another fun fact - I know somebody who has been in his penthouse - although it was before he owned it - the photographer for this article is Linda Jacquez, a friend of my daughter, who I hired to take production photos of my play two years ago.

Yoko Ono of course lives just thirteen blocks south of me at the Dakota. Really it seems like everybody lives around here, Katha Pollitt, Paul Krugman, Michael Moore, Jerry Seinfeld, god knows who else. At least they live here part time. I figure one of these days I'll bump into one of them in the Park.

Did I forget to mention how cool my neighbor Paul McCartney is?