Thursday, July 10, 2014

Wow, I'm exhausted

Being a writer/director/producer/music supervisor with a day job means you have to sacrifice a full-night's sleep, so I am exhausted.

On the up side, the actors are doing amazing work, and JULIA & BUDDY is coming together. Today Renee Cole, aka "Lady Gaga" - that is her day job - provided us with the pieces needed to really pull the Schopenhauer costume together with the top hat/mutton chops and neck cloth I asked her to create. She did a great job, and like an idiot I failed to get photos of the costume pieces.

Well that will be remedied on Saturday when I bring in a stringer from the New York Times (who happens to be a friend of my daughter) in to take production photos during our tech rehearsal.

Blogging of course will be light during the next f... zzzzzzzzz.