Friday, July 18, 2014

Good show!

We had our opening for JULIA & BUDDY last night and it went very well. Yay!

Since I was doing stage crew work (mercifully minimal - although next play I write will have no costume changes or props in case I have to be stage bitch again) people knew I was with the show and came up to me after the show to tell me how much they enjoyed it, mentioning the actors, the direction and the writing. How cool is that?

And I was sooo thrilled that for the first time ever we got a laugh for this:

You want to get into a debate with me about Schopenhauer? Don’t even try. 
Wasn’t he an anti-Semite? 
No! That is a misconception. He simply contrasted the materialism of monotheistic
religions with the metaphysical approach of the East. 
And he was a big misogynist. Doesn’t that bother you? 
If you ruled out every great man in history on the basis of misogyny, you wouldn’t have any left. 

I always thought "if you ruled out every great man..." should get a laugh, and it never has until last night - finally! I don't know if we just has an audience with a more heightened feminist sensibility than usual or if it was the way Claire delivered the line - probably the latter. So basically this production has completely fulfilled my vision of the play - the rest is just gravy.