Monday, July 28, 2014

Standing Oh!

Who knew Schopenhauer would
turn out to be such a rock star?

We got our first standing ovation at the fourth performance of JULIA & BUDDY on Saturday. Only one more performance left - which you can see this Saturday at 5PM - tickets.

And the best part is that neither of the standers were friends or family - I had no idea who they are. Although one of them appeared to be a full-on philosophy nerd - I was sitting facing the woman, who was in the first row, and I could see her visibly perk up every time philosophy or Schopenhauer was mentioned... and when Schopenhauer actually appeared in Julia's fever-dream, she was ecstatic.
She came up to me afterwards to tell me how much she loved the show (she came on a friend's recommendation) and to ask me about my thoughts on Schopenhauer, etc. Unfortunately I had too much to do, not the least of which was to thank the members of NYCPlaywrights for coming. Many of them participated in readings of J&B over the years since I first began writing it (2009) so they were a more discerning audience than usual - and they all really loved the performances.

Which you will have one more chance to see, this Saturday.