Friday, July 11, 2014

That hardcore abolitionist John Brown and his Smokehouse

Life-size cut out of John Brown by the door
My manager took our team out for lunch today and for the second time I got to enjoy the ambience of John Brown, the "serious smokehouse." And by ambience I don't mean the whole BBQ thing, which is fine, I mean the serious love shown by the proprietors for John Brown the hardcore abolitionist who...
...commanded forces at the Battle of Black Jack and the Battle of Osawatomie.[1] Brown's followers also killed five slavery supporters at Pottawatomie.[1] In 1859, Brown led an unsuccessful raid on the federal armory at Harpers Ferry that ended with his capture.[1] Brown's trial resulted in his conviction and a sentence of death by hanging.[1]
And I mean, they have pictures of John Brown and memorabilia all over the place. It's very educational. Although sadly, not one of my co-workers had any idea who John Brown was, and barely had enough intellectual curiosity to ask me who he was, when I excitedly pointed out all the artifacts.


The Harpers Ferry WV pennant is a nice touch.