Sunday, July 06, 2014

Both sides are idiots

Wow this is a hard call - Richard Dawkins or Social Justice Warriors like Adam Lee of Daylight Atheism?

Any follower of this blog knows I have contempt for them both: Richard Dawkins for being a cranky old misogynist, his ongoing support for evolutionary psychology and for his Islamophobia; and Social Justice Warriors like Adam Lee, who engage in both censorship and smears out of an extreme and misguided political correctness.

Apparently Dawkins only recently encountered the term "Social Justice Warrior" and Lee reported on it:

So I had to take a moment from all the JULIA & BUDDY blogging to comment.

On the one hand, at least you could argue with Dawkins without fear he would censor you, unlike with Adam Lee. On the other hand, at least Lee's heart is in the right place, no matter how egregious his logical failings, whereas Dawkins is just a petty, arrogant upper-class twit as I found out through a brief exchange with him on the Pharyngula blog several years ago. But then Lee is a big un-self-aware hypocrite, actually complaining on a blog post that atheists still face censorship. But then Dawkins is such a ridiculous reactionary at this point.

Conclusion: both sides are idiots.