Wednesday, January 15, 2014

What have I been up to these past eight years?

Alison Bechdel dedicated a blog post to random excerpts from her various journals from January 15 since she was 11.

I've never been good at keeping a journal but I've had this web site for just over eight years now (wow!) and have been writing fairly regularly. So let's see what I have for January 15 for all those years:

  • 2006 - In which I scoop the Village Voice. Go me.
  • 2007 - About my play HUCK FINN - this is the essay I included with the program for a production of my adaptation of the Twain novel. I only blogged four times that month.
  • 2008 - I love me some Carl Forsman - this is actually from January 13, I didn't blog January 15. I was pretty busy that month, gearing up for the JANE EYRE production in February. I interviewed Forsman for the NYCPlaywrights web site a couple of years ago.
  • 2009 - Beatles - every now and again I go on a Beatles kick. Almost always cheers me up.
  • 2010 - Hot Man in Regency Period Clothing of the Week - January 15, 2010 edition - that was a nice little project I had going for awhile. I stopped because I eventually ran out of photos - almost all the ones that showed up in net searches were already on my blog.
  • 2011 - Reading at the Dramatists Guild - I actually posted 4 entries on this date, the last of which is the one I linked to. The photo on this post was taken in the Dramatists Guild office. I especially like the photo because I'm standing next to the issue of The Dramatist (yellow cover) that ran my story The Strange Case of EDWARD EINHORN VS. MERGATROYD PRODUCTIONS. The reading was of my play JULIA AND BUDDY, which I still haven't produced (as a full-length play) yet after trying to do so for the past two years. *sigh*
  • 2012 - Things that could have happened 50 years ago, technically... - an interesting blog post making what I still think is an interesting observation - the video performance of the band Walk Off the Earth, and the street art of Joshua Allen Harris both could have happened 50 years ago. All the equipment needed (acoustic guitar, plastic bags and subway vents, respectively) already existed half a century ago. The key missing ingredient, I would maintain, is cheap video equipment and Youtube. I'm really glad the Walk Off the Earth performance is still up and running - one of my favorite video clips of all time.
  • 2013 - Maybe the best New Yorker cartoon of all time - I still think so.
So that's what I've been thinking about on January 15 for the past eight years. Could be worse I suppose.